President Ramaphosa keeping deaf ear to certain issues has called for a serious concern by South Africans.

It has been reported that President Cyril Ramaphosa allegedly knew about the widespread looting at VBS Mutual Bank last year but did not take action to stop it.

It was widely reported that that a major VBS shareholder informed the then deputy president early last year about the bank heist and apparently promised to do something about it then.

Last Wednesday, the South African Reserve Bank released a damning report in which 53 individuals and companies are implicated in the looting almost R2 billion of the indebted bank.

It was further reported that in 2016, more than six months before a major VBS shareholder met with then Deputy President Ramaphosa, the shareholder reported what he knew to the Reserve Bank as well as what was known as the Financial Services Board.

On Saturday night, Ramaphosa called for strong action to be taken against those implicated in the VBS report.

“The VBS saga is the most concerning one just as much as the Steinhoff saga. It hurts our people to see these please who are involved in all these corrupt activities going on with their lives as though nothing has happened.”