President Cyril Ramaphosa slammed US President Donald Trump’s take on the South African land situation in an exclusive interview with CNN on Wednesday, 21st November, 2018.

According to Ramaphosa, “fringe groups” lobbying in the US have led to Trump’s views on the topic, which the South African president called “ill-informed.”

While Ramaphosa did not mention AfriForum by name, he is probably referring to them as the organisation toured the US with the overt intention of influencing the country and its government’s position on the South African land debate.

Ramaphosa told CNN: “Those people overseas that are taken in by this message of whites in South Africa being under threat, they are looking at South Africa through the lens of black versus white. And South Africa has long moved away from that.

“In the main, most of them are racists. And they are not very positively disposed towards black people. Their voice, a seemingly prominent voice, is because they are talking on race issues and saying there is a racial war. There is no racial war in South Africa. White South Africans are working with us to resolve this issue.”

But Afri forum as well as other concerned South Africans have come out to stay that President Ramaphosa was “blatantly lying” to CNN.

The group further said that Ramaphosa knows the truth, but still stays away from the truth.

Urgent remedy must taken  to curb the menace of racial discrimination in the country, group spokes person said.