Being a leader of a country accounts for taking responsibility for shortcomings due to negligence and mismanagement.

You, fine sir – are not fit to be a president, and the ANC is not for the people, rather seeing where it can possible suck out money wherever it lands.

Not blaming others for what happened in the past.

Being a leader means taking a situation head on, and making the better of it, being an inspiration to others and being a good influence.

Being a president of a country means taking care of all the innocent people that reside within your borders, controlled borders that keeps the baddies out, and makes the good influential people wanna stay within.

Being a good person with strong moral values is what is needed to run a country ….

Mr Ramaphoza, all the traits that are absent from your personality.

All the non-white victims being killed daily, all the non-white and white farmers being tortured and killed daily, the crime rate, the state capture involving Gupta family, the mafia deals with the Chinese selling the country to them to make your empire grow despite South Africa falling short ….

Is not being a good man with good morals.

The terrorism on the minority groups of South Africa – whites, Indians, coloreds, Asians, and all other minority groups excluded from all opportunities, but ask yourself this, do they really want to be part of Government institutions? Hence there is no growing, there is no real opportunity. Let’s take VBS scandal into perspective. All cleaned out, the people’s money, poor families sleep in shacks while you have your mansions and 33 properties.

All SOE’s that’s bankrupt, in debt of billions of rand, these institutions were handed over to ANC, well maintained, incredibly profitable, extremely neatly kept systems, good moral values.

But you own the police, you own the hawks, you own everything, what you say – goes. Isn’t it? And deputy president Mabuza isn’t too innocent either. Close friends.

You know that 95% of the ordinary intelligent South African would describe these deeds as a mafia ran organization, and organized crime. But why would all this be??

Because your home language …. the vocabulary has some shortcomings … you don’t know what future planning means, you have no idea how to create wealth, you know nothing about economy and it’s challenges. Sometimes i wonder if you even have a conscience.

Allowing a man by the name of Jacob Zuma to completely disintegrate the economy, and lie under oath. To put it lightly, and not ensuring he is arrested, tells me that he is ALSO either a friend of yours, or he actually threatened to spill YOUR dirty deeds if he would go down.

How else? You surround yourself with the criminals, you have the same ways and thought processing … you become what you surround yourself with.

But, just some logical thinking, 55 million people all being employed, or running business ventures can easily generate profit and create an extremely wealthy economy, generating MUCH more money than what we currently have, in turn politicians can earn MUCH more money, than what you currently have .

But that’s not part of your language, part of your ways to create, build, encourage and plan forward. Look at the state of South Africa.

If you wish to associate yourself as an intelligent human, I’d rather choose not to be of the same specie as you, because i am disgraced by what is being done.