A Radio 702 host is in deep water from the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA).

It was reported that Aubrey Masango seemed to lose his cool on the Late Night Talk Show when he got into a heated debate about land expropriation with a caller.

As Times Lives reported that, complainant Pieter Greyling stated that Masango twisted his words to say that the Khoisan were lesser Africans. After a lot of squabbling and going around in circles, the host eventually cut the call off, but he didn’t let things settle.

It was also reported by BCCSA that Masango claimed Greyling’s argument – which expressed concerns about the process of expropriation – was “utter nonsense”. He’s said to have repeated this term, in reference to the caller, 57 times. This is what upset the complainant the most, as he was denied his right to reply.

Masango has previously admitted to getting rattled by the call, saying that Greyling got him “in the solar plexus”. He also referred to his caller as a moron later on, in the now-infamous show.