The EFF has lashed out at the South African Council of Churches (SACC) and Ahmed Kathrada Foundation for their reactions to comments by its leader, Julius Malema, about Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan.

“No one is going to intimidate us into submission from holding Gordhan accountable. Gordhan must answer all questions we gave him through Parliament. He must speak about how he was appointed as finance minister, whether he has a bank account in Canada or any of his relatives, and whether he plans to retire in Canada.”

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation’s executive director, Neeshan Balton, said Malema’s statements were “inflammatory and reckless”. He added that the racialised nature of the attack was “deeply worrying”.

“We should be questioning why the EFF chooses to cast aspersions on Gordhan’s integrity on public platforms using language that is highly inflammatory. What is the ‘loss of life’ that Malema is claiming may occur in his ‘fight’ with Gordhan? Whose life may be lost? How and why? If Malema indeed has information that points to the possibility of ‘casualties’ in this purported ‘fight’, should he not be taking the matter to the relevant authorities to avert such a scenario?” Balton asked.