The warrant is for a debt of more than R300 000 that the EFF and Julius Malema owes AfriForum – The debt comes from a court case between the EFF and AfriForum in 2017 over land grabs.

Civil rights group AfriForum handed in a warrant to seize the movable assets of EFF leader Julius Malema as well as the EFF at the Pretoria High Court.

This is to cover a debt of R337 758 that Malema and the political party personally owes AfriForum. Maroela Media reports the warrant will now be sent to the relevant sheriff who will take note of the EFF and Malema’s assets, with the aim of selling it at a public auction.

Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s leader of community safety, said they are determined to get the money and use it to further fight against illegal land grabs. AfriForum also opened a case of contempt of court against the EFF, which the AfriForum CEO, Kallie Kriel, is confident Malema will be held accountable for as well. This case is to be heard in court on 14 November.