EFF leader Julius Malema took to Twitter to express his pride at the EFF being mega-rich businessman Johan Rupert’s only nightmare.

“We remain the only nightmare to Rupert and fighters, we should be very proud about that. Proud because all those who protect and speak in defence of whiteness must suffer political palpitations and respiratory problems because of the EFF,” his tweet said.

Some on Twitter, however, don’t appear to believe Malema when he says he is an enemy of Rupert’s.

A few have even responded to the EFF commander-in-chief by accusing him of having received money from the businessman.

One user asked him if he did or didn’t “beg for money from Johan Rupert”, another alleged that “Rupert has instructed Malema and Ramaphosa to manage the process” of land expropriation “to ensure not a single white-owned property is taken”. One alleged that Malema and Rupert had a “secret” and yet another accused the EFF leader of  “getting handouts from Rupert”.