It would appear Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan has responded to claims made against him by the EFF.

The red berets allege Gordhan’s appointment as finance minister was the result of a deal reached with then-President Jacob Zuma.

Gordhan explained why he is unfazed by such accusations while testifying at the state capture inquiry.

“I don’t make deals for jobs, I don’t need to and I have my own humble beginnings as just a pharmacist,” Gordhan said.

“I think in 1974, my first salary was R100 or R125, that looks funny today but that is where we started.

“Secondly I don’t make deals with smugglers or taxpayers or submit to intimidation or bullying of any kind.

“The last point I want to make in this regard is that, as far as I am concerned I am accountable to citizens of this country who actually elect us into parliament, then parliament as an institution because I am an executive in this government.  Of course I am accountable to the political organization that has enabled me to play this kind of role but I am not accountable to bullies.”