President Cyril Ramaphosa tackled the land question and vowed that government will implement land reform to address the apartheid injustice of land dispossession.

Delivering the 8th Annual Desmond Tutu International Peace Lecture in Cape Town on Monday‚ Ramaphosa said the dispossession of black people of their land manifested itself in a violent manner bereft of any notions of peace.

“Apartheid stripped black people – Africans‚ coloureds and Indians – of their land and their assets‚ impoverishing families for generations and robbing them of their dignity.

“The evictions of farm workers‚ especially here in the Western Cape‚ continues unabated‚” he said to applause from the largely white crowd that filled the Artscape auditorium.

“It is‚ therefore‚ vital‚ if we are to restore the dignity of our people and break the cycle of poverty‚ that we address the land question so that there can be peace and prosperity amongst our people. This will also give us the chance to heal the wounds of the past‚” he said.

“We cannot speak of true freedom when 10% of the population has more wealth than the remaining 90% combined; when women are discriminated against at their places of work and abused in their homes; and when privilege and poverty follow the same racial contours of a colonial past.