A farm attack took place on 12 October 2018, between 20:00 and 21:00 on a farm at Schagen (Rivulets) in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga province.

It was reported that three or four black attackers gained access to the farmyard, by jumping the brick wall behind the house. They gained access to the house through a window in the study. A woman, in her mid fifties, who was alone at the farm house was still awake, and responded to the restless barking of her small dog inside the house, but could not find anything suspicious.

Only when the dog barked again and whilst investigating, did she notice her attackers inside her study. They fired one shot at her through the glass door of the study, she returned fire, letting off five shots and the suspects fled the scene without taking anything with them or harming the lady.

It is assumed that at least one attacker was wounded because of a blood trail found on scene. She pressed her panic button, and also called her neighbour who is 3km away. He responded quickly, and arrived on scene, followed by all other necessary services. She is traumatised, but not physically harmed during the attack.