The EFF dismisses reports by the Sunday Times newspaper that EFF is in coalition talks with the ANC as malicious and false. The reports are malicious firstly because they are using EFF’s attendance of Mama Winnie Mandela’s funeral as a sign that EFF and ANC are working together. This is tabloid reporting, grounded on trying to invent gossip.

The only thing that EFF’s attendance of Mama Winnie Mandela’s funeral shows is politics tolerance. It must be commended that both political formations can be in one Stadium in their numbers and conduct a funeral peacefully to the end.

Sunday Times has truly degenerated and must not be trusted as a credible source of information. How could they openly write lies, coding them as truth, all in the front page? They are not different from StratCom which used 30% truth, and 70% lies to discredit anti-apartheid activists. The Sunday Times has also indulged in StratCom journalism; the only truthful thing about their report is the 30% bit that EFF attended Mama Winnie Mandela’s funeral alongside the ANC and that CIC Julius Malema was on of the speakers. The rest of the 70% of the article is speculative journalism posing as truth: by definition, it’s all false reporting.

We condemn it and reiterate that there are no talks between ANC and EFF, formal or informal about working together in 2019, before or beyond.

The EFF is an organization of the people and there will never be a time where the leadership will collapse it for quick conveniences and benefits.