EFF- “Die Stem should be removed from national anthem too”

Following the ruling today at Equality Court, sitting in the Gauteng High court in Johannesburg, the EFF is calling for the removal of ;Die Stem’ from the national anthem.

Reacting to the judgement passed on by Judge Phineas Mojapelo, the EFF whose ideology kicks against the apartheid in all its doing said the ruling was a milestone and victory and that the apartheid flag and the Die Stem were part of the same symbol of white supremacy and as such, the anthem should be changed to exclude Die Stem.

The party in its statement said
“It must be a common cause that the apartheid national anthem must follow after its flag. The apartheid flag and its anthem belong to the same species. They are the two sides of one coin. When white supremacists display the flag, they salute it by singing Die Stem because they belong in the same anti-black racism performance acts. ”

The party also called on the president in its statement “In light of this ruling, we call on President Cyril Ramaphosa to remove Die Stem from our national anthem. Forcing black people to sing Die Stem is like asking them each day to salute the apartheid flag.”

The issue of the old flag arose when an application was brought forward by the Nelson Mandela Foundation which asked the court to declare the display of this flag as illegal and impose sanctions on those who display it freely in public. The Judge however in his ruling said the display of the apartheid flag does harm and should be considered hate speech, unfair discrimination and harassment.

Judge Mojapelo said no good could come from gratuitously displaying the old flag and those who do so and not display the new democratic flag, choose oppression over liberating symbols. He further explained that those who display also aim to insult and express feelings of white supremacy.

It should be recalled that the old South African flag has often been seen as a symbol of hate and bloodshed and its display has often provoked strong opinions from the public.

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