In his quest to work speedily to improve the nations economy, president Ramaphosa has made it known that economic growth must be driven by the country’s local economy; the Presidential Coordinating Council has agreed to focus on 44 District Municipalities and eight metros.

A video posted online by the presidency shows where he was addressing his coordinating council; he said “The plans each district will develop should focus on the following areas, managing urbanisation, growth and development, supporting local economic drivers, accelerating land release and land development, investing in infrastructure for integrated human settlements, economic activity and the provision of basic services, addressing service delivery problems in municipalities.”

Speaking on the issue of service delivery, Ramaphosa said the service delivery model also needs to be completely rebuilt. The president said government needed to address with speed on addressing service delivery he said “There has been extensive diagnosis of why we still have not managed to make a significant dent in poverty, inequality and underdevelopment. Monitoring and evaluation has been inconsistent and at times vague, resulting in us having no clear line of sight of what is needed, where it is needed, how it will be done and how much it is costing.” He however pleaded with ministers, premiers and mayors to get the ball rolling on the new District Coordination Model.