Minister for Land Reform Thandeka Mbabama was enlarged.

“Today, in a convenient coalition, the ANC, NFP and EFF voted to take land rights away from South Africans and decided to use their majority to recommend that Parliament should amend Section 25 to allow for land expropriation without compensation,” said Mbabama on Thursday.

“The vote on expropriation without compensation allows government the perfect cover to avoid having to explain their rank failure over the past two decades to take land reform seriously.

“That is why the ANC has adopted it with such enthusiasm when they voted against it last year,” added Mbabama.

It has been suggested in the past – and again today – that the ANC has only spearheaded this process in an attempt to outshout the EFF ahead of the 2019 General Election.

Mbabama called it a political gambit, and one that would backfire against the ANC when South Africans head to the polls next year.

“From the outset, the ANC has sought to undermine the work and processes of the Committee in an attempt to expedite their electioneering tactics. We are of the view that the Parliamentary process was merely a formality and that the adoption of this report was in fact a foregone conclusion.”