The wind of corruption charges has blown down to the path of herman  Mashaba.

Reports have it that Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba has been accused of diverting more funds to his ‘favourite’ foundation and sidelining other community-based organisations within the metro.

Mashaba allegedly diverted about R11 million to Field Band Foundation, a non-government organisation entrusted to help fight the scourge of substance abuse in the communities.

According to African National Congress in Johannesburg, the mayor has cut the budget of many community organisations but increased that of Field Band Foundation.

Addressing members of the party during their mass march in Johannesburg outside the council in Braamfontein, ANC Joburg regional chairperson, Geoff Makhubo, accused Mashaba of corruption.

Makhubo said our communities have for a long time survived with the community-based organisations.

He said whether they are doing gardening or cleaning but NGOs in our areas provide very important services.