This year, Black Monday’s protesters are submitting memorandums at the US and Australian embassies.

Several marches took take place across South Africa on Monday to mark Black Monday, a protest against farm murders that organizers are hoping will become an annual occurrence.

While last year the protests were marked by a series of convoys, some of which brought traffic to a standstill, this year international attention is the protest’s main aim, with protesters planning to submit memorandums to the US and Australian embassies.

“Cyril Ramaphosa has lied to people about the existence of this problem. He went on live television and denied farm murders exist when there have been 62 in the last year. We want to bring this to the attention of the American government.”

One Black Monday poster calls farm murders “a slow genocide”. The description of farm murders in SA as a “genocide” has long been controversial, with minority rights group AfriForum distancing itself from the term “white genocide” and saying they do not and have not used it.

AfriForum has since travelled to Australia, meeting with Hastie and others to lobby for support for their cause.