Billionaire South Africa president  Cyril Ramaphosa has been urged by Zuma support group  to bail embattled cash strapped  Zuma out of legal cost

Ramaphosa has been urged to give.

The supporters are some church leaders and business forums. Under the banner of “RET Defenders”, they are asking for donations.

Representatives of the group said they had not established a trust in Zuma’s name, but were encouraging individual donations. They have suggested Ramaphosa contribute because he is a “billionaire president”.

The secretary of the National Funeral Practitioners Association of SA, Nkosenhle Shezi, spoke on behalf of the “RET Defenders” group. He said the group would support Zuma “through thick and thin”.

“We have been approached by ANC members and many other people, saying let’s support him,” Shezi said. “What we can do is encourage everyone to donate money as they can. We are also contributing individually not as organisations.