President Jacob Zuma told African National Congress (ANC) leaders the governing party will lose the 2019 elections if he steps down, said Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema.

“We warned ANC about Zuma. They called us reckless, anarchists… yesterday he showed them the door,” Malema told reporters in Johannesburg on Monday.

“This is what Zuma said to his closest allies… he said they can fire me… but they’re going to lose elections. They will lose KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng… the Zulus in KwaZulu-Natal and in Gauteng will be offended… I am not going anywhere.”

The governing party’s efforts to remove beleaguered Zuma failed on Sunday night during a meeting at the presidential residence in Pretoria.

National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete has scheduled a motion of no confidence debate, sought by the EFF, for February 22, soon after the Sona.

However, Malema says the motion will be debated before the Sona.

“We are considering legal action to interdict Zuma from delivering the Sona. We will tell the court that his party doesn’t want him, they say he must go so why should he speak?” he asked.

“We cannot waste R4 million on a [SONA] speech that no one will listen to..who will listen to Zuma? His is leaving and that is inevitable.”