A video of a woman carrying a baby has been released to the NEWS showing the woman stealing a cell phone from a table while her accomplices distract the owner of the cell phone.

The February 13 CCTV footage was released to the NEWS by Jacqui Faucitt, from RégimA Zone Wellness Centre on Van Buuren Road. “Two men and a woman with a baby entered on the pretense of wanting to make an appointment for the woman to have her nails done.

“One man stayed in the vehicle, a silver Opel Corsa Utility, whilst the other man and the woman came to the entrance of the building,” said Faucitt.

Faucitt said that the man distracted the cell phone owner by asking him questions about the business.

The woman then snatches his cellular phone from the table.

“I want nearby businesses to be aware of these suspects and this modus operandi,” said Faucitt.

Faucitt will be opening a criminal case at Bedfordview SAPS.