The FF Plus is seriously concerned by the fact that a 65 year old man was arrested and charged with murder after he, according to all indications, tried to protect himself and his family against an armed housebreaker.

It is the government’s duty to protect the public against crime, and in particular violent crime, by means of the law and law enforcement and when the government fails to do so, the public surely has the right to protect itself.

According to media reports, Mr Giel Fourie (65) from Grabouw in the Western Cape was attacked with a knife and after he first fired a warning shot, he shot the housebreaker twice in the chest.

His wife, Susan (62), and their 11 year old grandchild was also in the house during the attack. Mr Fourie was later arrested at the scene.

It will be an evil day when the public of South Africa, who is forced to protect itself against violent crime more and more, no longer enjoys the protection of the police and the law when acting out of self defense.