There was a mild drama at the National Assembly after MPS unanimously shouted that as Floyd Shivambu must pay back money looted from the alleged VBS heist.

Beginning an address on the VBS Mutual Bank scandal – which was being debated in Parliament – Shivambu was unable to get his first words out before being greeted by chants of “pay back the money”.

PMs immediately  chorused ‘pay back money’ to  the  EFF deputy and his party, the same way they did to former president Jacob Zuma during is time in office.

The red berets routinely used to chant in reference to the Nkandla debacle and chanted the phrase on countless occasions to taunt JZ.

However, the beret was on the other head on Tuesday. Shivambu chose to frame VBS’ downfall in a different context, rallying against “concentrated capitalism” in South Africa.

Shivambu blamed  inequality in the country, and deflected attention elsewhere, before eventually addressing the issue.