The proposed bill on land expropriation without compensation has not been passed to law, but some lawless groups are alleged to be taking the law into their own hands.

An attempted land invasion which took  place in Marlboro near the Far East Bank Drive and Gautrain bridge intersection this morning may have been averted after the accident which led to the death of one of the invader.

Ward 109 councillor, Werner Smit noted   this morning that  large groups of people gathered at the intersection of Far East Bank Drive and the Gautrain bridge to attempt to cross Marlboro Drive and invade the Wits-owned Frankenwald in order to put up shacks.”

“JMPD and Saps has been there in numbers to resist this attempted land invasion.”

The spokesperson for the Metro police, Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar also confirmed Metro police were at the scene since the invasion started.

Unfortunately, some of the invaders were hit by a moving truck carrying coal on Tuesday morning and one them was declared dead on the spot.

It is alleged that there was a number of invaders protesting  on the road when a truck came out of no where and hit them.

The driver of the truck could not stop on time,  knocking down a few people. Unfortunately, one of them passed away and a few others sustained injuries.

Emergency services are the scene trying to rush survivors to the nearest hospitals.

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