As am writing this am very sad and ashamed at the same time with Malema. How can he be calling for people to give up the lands. He should know that his followers are mostly people who only think one way and never look back.

Malema should understand that when ever he calls for land to be taken, people starts to invade other people’s properties around the country. Yes i agree the land which are not in use should be shared amount willing farmers black or white, we are all South Africans.

Why is my beloved ANC not doing anything about all his racial remarks. If it was some other person he would have beenĀ  in prison already. Is the ANC afraid of Him?

Malema should be calling for a more unified South Africa instead of dividing the country and causing more bad than good. Hundreds of farmers are been targeted on a daily bases ( though am not saying they are all from Malema’s calls).

The govermement should do something about Julius Malema and his EFF before things gets out of hand.

From A concerned Black South African

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