The second most largest opposition say her leader Julius Malema is a target for assasination by right wing forces.

The Economic Freedom Fighters EFF have raised alarm of the plot to assassinate the party leader.

EFF Statement on the Assassination Threat on the CIC @Julius_S_M

The EFF issued a perplexing reaction to the controversy that followed SONA on Thursday night, claiming they reacted physically to Parliament security staff because they believed “there was a planned assassination attempt” on leader Julius Malema.

The extraordinary claims were made in a statement released shortly after midday. Their MP, Marshall Dlamini, was caught on video slapping a man in a black suit, as the EFF’s leadership got themselves involved in a scuffle.

In response to the incident, the red berets are saying that “members of the police and right-wing groups” were plotting to kill Juju, and the reason they reacted with violence was.