There is going to be a protest on Friday after ANC Faiez Jacobs alleged that he and his family were  assaulted by private security out of Clifton beach, which they claim has historic white dominance.

Earlier, the ANC in the Western Cape expressed outrage after its provincial secretary Faiez Jacobs and his family were ordered to leave Clifton’s 4th Beach by a private security company. The party has accused the security company of “giving itself the authority to ignore our Constitution” and illegally ordering citizens to leave the popular beach.

However, a group of people, including ANC provincial secretary Faiez Jacobs, are embacking on a “protest picnic” after being told by private security guards to leave Clifton Beach because it was “closing” at 8 pm.Two guards from Professional Protection Alternatives (PPA) Security approached Jacobs and his group of 15 people on 4th Beach on Monday evening.

Lobby group Black People’s National Crisis Committee will lead a protest march to Clifton Beach on Friday. The group will also hold a cleansing ceremony calling for the end of the exclusion of black people at the beach.