A barbaric incident has taken place in Midrand to one of the Gupta CEO  Jagannath Prasad “JP” Arora

He was  the  chief executive of a Gupta-owned mining company, which is facing liquidation, has allegedly been assassinated in a movie-style drive-by hit.

JIC Mining Services chief executive Jagannath Prasad “JP” Arora was apparently ambushed by gunmen while driving on New Road, Midrand, on Saturday night.

Arora, who was alone in the car, had tried to save his life by driving to a nearby hospital with his bleeding body riddled by bullets.

The victim did not make it due to the extensive injuries and loss of a lot of blood.

“The man was shot and drove for some time,” Gauteng police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele told The Star yesterday.

“He stopped when he became powerless. He was certified dead on the road. Police found him already dead (in his car).”

Arora’s assailants fled after their daring attack, leaving police to launch a manhunt.

At the moment he motive for Arora’s killing was unknown, the investigation could also shed light on why he was gunned down and who wanted him dead.

“The suspects have not been arrested,” said Makhubele.

JIC Mining Services is one of the Gupta-owned companies facing liquidation.