Alarm has been raised concerning the 2019 election in the country and the speculations of an intending ploy to rig.

Experts have warned that South Africans must be careful if they want to ensure there isn’t social media manipulation of our 2019 election similar to the way the US election is believed to have been manipulated by Russian-linked bots, according to a report by a South African data analyst.

Kyle Findlay, who is a senior data science director for a research group but conducted the study in his personal capacity, writes: “We’ve already seen how local actors such as the Guptabots have effectively changed our national conversations. There’s no reason to believe that this won’t continue to happen in the next election, as it has around the world.”

Organised political interference on social media has been found to have manipulated the results of elections in a number of countries. According to Oxford University’s Computational Propaganda Project, there is evidence of social media manipulation campaigns in 48 countries.

It is only few months away from the much anticipated election.