The tragic experience was traumatic for the farm workers, who were shocked by the news.

Farms needs a beefed up security as some of these places are isolated and remote from the crowd.

The victim, Nicolaas Strydom, 31, was shot dead when 12 men, pretending to conduct business, set upon the farm owner Johan Terblanche on Kleinensorgen on Sunday.

Earlier, the Philippi Horticultural Area pleaded with Community Safety MEC Alan Winde for more protection, a brazen farm attack has left one person dead and residents in shock.

The attack happened five days after a Bonnievale farming couple was found dead in their beds in what was believed to be a farm attack. One person was arrested.

“I think it’s high time to pack up and leave; there is no other way,” said a shattered Terblanche, fighting back tears.

His devastated staff had a hard time getting back to work on Monday after hearing about the incident.

Nicolaas’s wife Shirley Strydom said they officially got married on Wednesday, and have three children, Lucinda, 12, Kirsten, 9, and Sergeo, 2.

She said the family had been inundated with messages of support and flowers since her husband’s death.

She described him as a “loving, nice, harmless, good-hearted husband”, who always remembered important things for his loved ones.

“Nicolaas was killed while dreaming for the future and the success of his children,” Shirley added.

Terblanche lamented that our justice system is not right.

“Criminals get arrested to be treated nicely in jail, getting their bread and exercise on time. What about Nicolaas’s children who will now suffer because their father, the only breadwinner, has been killed?”

Terblanche said he and his son Stiaan were busy with maintenance work on the property when 12 men arrived on the pretence of conducting business.

“Two had rifles and the other 10 handguns. One threatened me, and forced me to a safe and took R10000 cash,” Terblanche said.

The farm murder comes a week after Winde, Social Development MEC Albert Fritz and ward councillor Elton Jansen visited Schaapkraal in the Philippi Horticultural Area and met farmers and farm workers to discuss safety.