Julius Malema, you clawed your way to notoriety by singing Dubula iBhulu and making racist utterances at rallies as leader of the ANC Youth League.

Shamefully, the ANC and its leaders allowed you to do this.

These days, as leader of the EFF, you force the ANC to avoid the possibility of losing the 2019 and 2024 elections by embarking on a path that will lead our country into darkness, but not before destabilising governance in Port Elizabeth with a campaign to get rid of mayor Athol Trollip just because he’s white.

You are actively encouraging the ANC to make a small minority scapegoats for what the party and the government it leads has failed to do over the last 24 years.

I know where this is going, having studied the world’s history and lived through some of it.

Combined with greed and fear, it will validate what I told an American acquaintance last year, that we could have a racially motivated civil war in South Africa by 2024.

Then he asked me how it could happen, and after two weeks of research I came up with a 15-page answer.

The bottom line is that I expect 900 000 whites to be murdered in about three weeks, then 80-90% of the remainder exterminated within four or five months.

Unwilling to let it go down that road, I also came up with a way to save four million people, but it depends on certain factors coming together, which, if Libya and Syria are anything to go by, is not going to happen.

Mr Malema, when the SS invited Heinrich Himmler to see how they murdered Jews, it’s said that he vomited, began to cry and had to be taken away because he’d become uncontrollably hysterical.

I don’t think you, who used to wear a Breitling watch while the people of Limpopo wallowed in poverty, are any different. But I am. I’ve had weapons training and seen death in real life.

I know how to kill a man in three seconds and how to save lives.

Mr Malema, I beg you, for the love of God and this country, stop your expropriation without compensation madness here and now.

Let those nightmares of deaths just be my bad dreams, not reality for millions.

For a monster I have never been, but the war you seek shall make me one.

First published on Heralds

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