Denisha Govindsamy, one of three murder victims was killed because she was an obstacle in her mother’s affair with Phoenix tow-truck driver Collin Pillay.

This was argued by senior state prosecutor Cheryl Naidu in the Durban high court on Tuesday. She told the court that Denisha had been killed in such a brutal way because Pillay saw her as a problem in his relationship with Jane.

“Denisha wasn’t a threat to you, she was an obstacle in your life.  Denisha was the reason you had to sneak around and you couldn’t come to the house any more. That is why you repeatedly stabbed her in the throat,” said Naidu.

Pillay is charged with the murders of Govindsamy and her two daughters, Denisha, 22, and Rackelle, 16, at their home in Phoenix in 2018. He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

On Monday Pillay told the court that Denisha – who moved back into her family’s home about three months prior to her death – did not approve of his relationship with her mother. Pillay therefore had to sneak around the house to hide from her.

Pillay, who at times appeared agitated by Naidu’s questions, said that he had no reason to kill Denisha or Rackelle because they were no threat to him.

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