A barbaric incident has taken place, with a couple stripped and shot in what looks like an execution style.

Dumbfounded residents woke up to a shocking discovery over the weekend when the bodies of a couple were found on the grounds of a primary school.
The victims brutalised  such that it became extremely difficult to get the identity of the  man and woman, who were  shot dead and were found in the park of the school in the early hours of Saturday morning.According to the shocked Tafelsig residents;  after 4am, shots rang out in the area and a few people went to investigate.

That’s when they came across the bodies of the man and the woman, dressed in her underwear, on the grounds of Cascade Primary School in Buttress Street and immediately contacted emergency services.

Witnesses say the couple were lying close together in the school’s playpark.

Gory images suggest the victims were shot execution-style and the woman’s dress was lying a few metres away from her body, crumpled up and covered in blood.

No form of identification could be found on either victim. None of the 50-odd people at the scene could say who they were.

Shocked residents speculated it could have been a robbery while others suspected it to be a gang-related killing.

Tafelsig resident Nadeema Petersen, 51, says she is sickened by the senseless killings in the Mitchells Plain area lately.

The police that arrived the scene are launching a full scale investigation.