South Africans have unanimously called for the immediate proscription of the Black Land First movement BLF as their activities was constitution a threat to security.

This is coming  after the  Black First Land First (BLF) members were still dealing with their leader being banned from social media accounts, they woke up on Wednesday morning to discover the party’s website has also been shut down, in what BLF deputy president Zanele Lwana claims to be “cyber attacks”.

Mngxitama’s Twitter account has been suspended for seven days over his “kill whites” threats.

His series of tweets on Sunday threatening that he and his followers would kill white people and their pets were reported by enough people to get his account suspended, while others renewed calls for him to be prosecuted for hate speech.

It seems he acted too late when he deleted a video he posted on Twitter of him saying he would kill five white people for every black person killed in the taxi industry, as Twitter picked up that, as well as other comments he’d made, as “hateful conduct”.