Armed man brutally kills 14 people in a wedding, leaving scores of others severely injured.

However, the authorities said the troops of security operatives would secure the area and allow investigators to apprehend and prosecute the perpetrators after Sunday’s carnage which has been described as a criminal act.

Consequently, the public have been urged to provide security agencies with any information they have on the killings.

This is just the latest incident in the country as continued political, inter-communal and militant violence continues to beset Nigeria. Fighting between pastoral farmers and nomadic tribesman has left thousands dead over the years.

Security forces are also battling Boko Haram extremists in Borno State in the north-east as the militants continue to carry out deadly attacks on civilians and the police and military.

The bloody Islamist uprising, which began in 2009 and has spread to neighbouring Cameroon, Chad and Niger, has killed at least 27 000 people and left millions dependent on aid for survival.