A white corp officer was brutally injured by some EFF mobs  in Ekurhuleni, where party members were given their marching orders.

As cops were called in to get the red berets out, blood flowed after a top Metro cop was moered.

“We moered him because we were defending ourselves,” said EFF Ekurhuleni deputy chairman Koketso Mojatau.

“His skin is white, hence he had blood. After all, we got moered more than him. It’s just that our skin isn’t white.”

A fight broke out as defiant EFF members continued to chant and demand that the mayor addresses the scores of protesters outside the council chambers.

The council speaker ordered Metro police to remove the EFF members. The top cop was injured during the fight.

The speaker’s spokeswoman, Siphelele Nxele, said a cop was injured but an Ekhurhuleni cops spokesman couldn’t confirm the identity of the injured cop.

Nxele wouldn’t say who was responsible.

“The speaker called the cops and we were assaulted as we were being taken outside.

“We tried to go back inside but rubber bullets were fired,” he said.

He said if the mayor continued to ignore people’s demands, he should be removed.

“He must be removed. If he continues to ignore the grievances of the people, the struggle continues.

“We will continue chanting until he is removed,” Mojatau said.