An estranged couple will be having their time in court after the wife file a legal suit of been raped by her seperated husband after the former pleaded with her for forgiveness.

TheĀ  46-year-old Eastern Cape man was arrested by Centane police for allegedly raping his estranged wife.

According to spokesperson Captain Jackson Manatha, the couple was separated.

The 35-year-old victim went to the home of the suspect to collect her belongings on Tuesday at around 11:00.

The man then tried to persuade the woman to take him back, but she turned him do.

“It is alleged that the suspect accosted the victim and raped her. The crime was committed at Mthwaku Locality, Feni Village, Centane,” Manatha said.

The woman has opened a case of rape against her husband, who was arrested on Tuesday evening.