A mother is undergoing investigation for the murder of her daughter who she claimed was a drug addict.

So says an Eldorado Park mother who is out on bail, after being arrested for killing her daughter earlier this week.

A visibly shaken and chain-smoking Veronica Raquel Dunn, 48, explained  how she had snapped and stabbed her 24-year-old drug addicted daughter Venolia Avend.

Venolia was killed on Tuesday morning. Her unemployed mother appeared in the Protea Magistrate’s Court the following day, and was granted R2 000 bail.

Dunn insists that the stabbing was not premeditated, but happened on the spur of the moment.

The fatal incident occurred after Venolia demanded food parcels from her mother so she could sell them to buy drugs.

According to Dunn, her daughter had moved out of her house long ago and was staying with her drug addicted boyfriend.

Last week, Venolia received food parcels from a local clinic and gave them to her mother, but later changed her mind and demanded the groceries back.

“I never meant to kill her. She is my daughter.”