On Sunday, at around 05:30 am, Constable Colleta Puggens was about to leave the Gravelotte Police Station when a heavily pregnant woman showed up.

The woman was in labour and wanted to get assistance in calling an ambulance. Puggens complied and contacted an ambulance.

However, with the nearest hospital at least 45km away and the lady already experiencing severe labour pains, Puggens knew she had to act.

It was gathered she rushed her into the Victim Empowerment room and called on the help of Morongwe Anna Mashumo, “an elderly woman who reside adjacent to the station.

“The two of them successfully played the role of a midwife and a baby girl was born,” the SAPS wrote on Facebook.

“I am not used to that kind of a situation and it was scary but I had to supress my fears and be strong for the mother who was due. The priority was to ensure that both the mother and the child are alive and healthy. When such was achieved I felt like I could kiss the skies”, Puggens explained.