When we all thought it has  stopped or reduced but farm attacks still occurs lately.

The police have reported that a woman was attacked in her home by some unknown men. It was clearly reported that

Marcel Krous was brutally beaten and is recovering in hospital, while Brandon and Franco were tied up with wire.

The attack took place after the 4 suspects climbed through a window and attacked Marcel with a wrench. He subsequently suffered from bleeding on the brain, cracked skull and a burst ear drum.

The other 2 men were then attacked before the suspects fled the scene in the victims bakkie.

In another farm attack,

a savage farm attack took place on Sunday afternoon 27 January 2019 in Cornelia, Free State Province.

An elderly couple in there 80’s were brutally attacked by three armed suspects. The female victim was shot in the mouth whilst the male victim was tied and allegedly hung up by his hands with wire.