Anger they say is capable of damaging so many things if not well managed.

It is advisable for everyone to undergo anger management exercise.

To this back drop, it was reported that

Two people were killed and one other person is in a critical condition following a lovers quarrel at a flat in Waterloo, KZN, on Wednesday night 3 October 2018.

At approximately 23:51 members of Reaction Unit South Africa were called out to the scene by residents in the housing complex reporting multiple gun shots being fired. Upon arrival the South African Police were in attendance.

It was established that an off duty Policeman tracked his girlfriend to her lover’s house. The Policeman confronted the 23 year old when she attempted to flee. He drew a firearm and shot her in the head. He then proceeded to the upper level of the flat and fired several shots at the lover who jumped out of the window and sought assistance from neighbors.

He was shot at least seven times. The Policeman then turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the head.

The SAPS Officer and his girlfriend died at the scene while her lover was transported to hospital in a critical condition.