A Zimbabwean Prophet , Prophet Walter Magaya  has been found guilty and fined US$700 for contravening Section 41 of Medicines and Allied Substances Control Act.

Prophet Magaya was found guilty of announcing that he has found a drug which cures HIV and AIDS called Aguma which he publicly announced without following proper procedures.

Magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa said what Prophet Magaya did is a serious offence as this could have caused hundreds of people to abandon their ARV drugs, thereby threatening many lives.

She ordered Prophet Magaya to have paid the fine by Friday this week.

In his defence, Prophet Magaya told the court that he had applied to the Ministry of Health and child Care regarding the drug, but agreed he erred by announcing Aguma before receiving a response from the responsible authorities.

“Verifications were made through the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe and it was established that Aguma is not a registered medicine or drug in Zimbabwe. It was also established that neither Magaya nor Aretha Medical Company were authorised by the Health Professions Authority to carry out clinical tests on any human being to prove that Aguma can cure the aforementioned diseases thereby the accused committed an offence.” The State had said.