A mother has been slammed for the gory photo shoot she organized for her son’s first birthday.


Amy Gebert wanted to do something a little bit different for her son Phoenix’s first birthday in 2016, so she put together a zombie-themed photo shoot.


A cake made in the form of a skull was smashed and her son munched on the red and white mass, making it look like he was eating a skull. His hair, face, hands, and clothes were stained with the red cake, making it look like he is covered in blood.


The mother only recently shared the photos on social media and it was met with a torrent of abuse from people who thought it was inappropriate. Amy was even removed from a parenting Facebook group for posting the “distasteful” photos.

One critic wrote: “This is so offensive to all the women who have lost their children.”

Another said: “That’s absolutely disgusting to put your baby in a theme like that.”

Amy, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, has now explained why she picked such a controversial theme for her son’s birthday. She said Phoenix was born without a heartbeat on Halloween 2015 but he surprised them all by coming back to life.

Speaking to parenting website Kidspot, Amy said: “I was angry. Twelve minutes go by – nothing – still no heartbeat. A doctor comes and sits next to me on one side, Gary on the other with tears streaming down his face. I said ‘he’s gone isn’t he? He’s dead’. The doctor squeezes my hand -I knew he meant yes.’

“There was just so much going on I barely heard it, but from over near my son, a nurse cried out ‘thank God!!! He’s come back! He’s come back’ the whole room jumped up.”

After 13 minutes of desperate attempts from doctors and nurses, little Phoenix miraculously defied the odds and let out a cry. She didn’t get to see him for three days as they were both so unwell but they were finally reunited on the fourth day. Ever since Amy has jokingly referred to her son as her zombie baby and she thought it would make a great theme for his first birthday shoot.


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