The world is still reeling from the aftermath of a documentary, Surviving R Kelly, where his victims share harrowing details of their alleged encounters with the singer – and this monster wants to move to AFRICA – oh hell no!!!

U.S. investigators are worried after a tip-off that Robert Sylvester Kelly, better known as R Kelly, is planning to flee the country – possibly to this continent – amid his ongoing criminal investigation. Honestly why Africa – we already have politicians, lawyers, and criminal underworld to deal with. Can be the destination rather be a… jail?

According to a gossip site, Blast, there is a rumour that R Kelly plans to “collect his girls and flee the country before prosecutors have a chance to charge him with a crime”. The families of the women in his alleged sex cult are reportedly worried if the girls travel out of the country with Kelly, they may never see them again, according to Blast.

So, they’re reportedly hoping the 50-year-old singer’s passport is taken away.