Social media users would like to see the comedian suffer the consequences for joking about a serious crime committed against a child.

A Facebook user by the name of Kevin Meyer has gone on a digital apology tour of sorts after he found himself in hot water for making light of the recent rape of a six-year-old girl by a 20-year-old man in the toilet at a Dros restaurant.

The alleged comedian posted a question asking moms how they discipline their young children before answering his own question by commenting “tell them if they dont behave ul send them to a Dros toilet” [sic].

The post was immediately screenshotted and shared numerous times drawing negative comments and inbox messages from social media users who were disgusted by what Kevin had to say.

Social media users have called for Meyer to be “made famous” in the same fashion as those who are caught making racist comments or those who have been accused of rape, while others have insisted he be ignored as they believe he is merely looking for attention.