A video of Zodwa Wabantu being groped by male fans while on stage has sparked a social media debate.

In the viral video, a man can be seen slipping his hand in between her thighs and seemingly touching her inappropriately.

Several other men can also be seen lifting her dress and touching her buttocks.

People have labelled the incident as inappropriate and said it perpetuates ‘rape culture.’

“I’m so disturbed by this Zodwa video. She didn’t give those men permission to grope her and yet she didn’t object to it.And we all know she’ll come out defending her ‘fans’ so what do we even say?! I mean it’s her body but this looks like sexual harassment”.Said a social media user

“This video of Zodwa is a reminder that everyday as women and in particular black women, we are sexually harassed on the streets by men. And we just have to keep it going, because dare u speak up u might face further violation. SAfrican men do not understand consent”.Says another person